To Infinity and …

To Infinity and …

We look up at the beautiful stars at night and are in wonder at their beauty and brightness.
Forgetting the light that we see could be millions or even billions of years old and the past of those stars shining to us today. We look at the stars and actually see their beauty but the light that reaches us has travelled millions and more light years to get to us. Which means by the time we see it that star has already changed, collapsed, imploded or gone super nova.

It just reminds me that there can be some much beauty in the past. Past relationships, friendships, accomplishments and so many other things to hold our view. Yet no matter how much we star gaze in our own lives we can never go backwards in life. We can regress but never truly change what has already occurred. Truly we all get in that place sometimes of wanting what we had before. This however prevents us from truly living in the now and today and moving forward. Understanding that the best of our lives are yet to come.

We look at our elderly and see them sometimes as useless when they reach a certain maturity. Failing to see the true beauty of age and wisdom and experience.

What is your now moment? What is the thing that gets you fired up that you want to do today? What stops you from doing it?

Your Past. Or you holding onto your past like a crutch that simply needs to be thrown away while you learn to walk again, even with a limp.

Like the stars above or past can hold much beauty. It is a reminder of those things we value, but also a reminder to keep moving forward so we can make new memories and let the light of our glory shine so we and others can revel in it light years into the future.

Eureka Moment

Moses made a lot of mistakes in his life and his past. When his time came to shine he was fearful and made a lot of issues as we do today. Yet God knew the potential he had placed within Moses and what he was truly capable of.
If he had held onto all of the reasons for how he saw himself because of his past he would never have become the instrument and friend of God that he did.

Don’t let your past incapacitate you. Let it inspire you to greater heights of greatness even as you stare into the great infinity and beyond.

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