Changing The Mindset’s Weekly Blog: Changing The Heart – Where Our Hearts Meet

“You think, they saw us?” I asked my friend as we hid in a brush hoping the older boys passed us.  It must have been hours since we were able to get up from where we were hiding.  When I was finally able to look at my watch only forty minutes had passed. I could still feel my heart in my chest. We looked at each other and laughed as we took off like lightening bolts headed home. When we were finally able to say goodbye as we went to our respective homes I was so glad for having such a good friend as him.

It has been twenty years and the time has passed so quickly. I remember the fun I had as a young man and sometimes greatly miss the people who contributed to my life and has made me into the man I am today.  Thinking about this now, I sat across from a gentleman I had called friend and brother for a number of years. Even though we weren’t blood you could not find a closer pair.  Yet at this very moment everything in me hated him and could barely stand to look at him.
“Betrayer!” The only word my heart could think at this moment. The very sight of him made me feel sick at this moment.  Being friends we share everything we have had, yet the one thing a man holds dear is the women he feels is the one that completes him. The feelings may not be mutual, but in that man’s heart and mind this is the one he will pursue to be his wife.
The first thing he will do is share this with his best friend or friends as I did.  At the time I thought my secret and heart was safe as I had not told the young women yet, but I had shared it with one of the only persons on earth I thought I could always trust.
Even though my friend was apologizing and had done so a dozen times, I still could not let it go. Each time I closed my eyes all I saw were him and her together.
It has been years since I saw him. I loved my friend and it hurt me to lose him. Sometimes I think about what I could have lost by losing our friendship. Yet friends don’t hurt friend. DO They?
Changing Eureka Moment & Thought 
Proverbs 18:19 states in the King James version that : ”’A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city: and their contentions are like the bars of a castle.’  It is hard to forgive someone you love sometimes who has either greatly hurt you or betrayed you. Yet forgiveness is one of the ultimate gifts in life next to mercy. Forgiveness does not just free the offender but it also frees the person doing the forgiving. Its easy to get caught up in our ego’s and our natural inclination to want to hurt someone back who has hurt or offended us. Yet medically, psychologically and spiritually it is better for us when we forgive and learn to let things go.  Once we have made a genuine effort for amends if it is possible or simply decide to move on, either way forgiveness is the first step to having an easy time of dealing with the  matter and a healthier happier life.
This does not mean forgiveness is a one-time process, depending on the offense you may have to daily make a decision to forgive. You may even find yourself falling back into anger, and that is OK. Yet always keep the single-minded thought, that you are doing this for you. It is not just the person or persons you are trying to forgive.
Forgiveness heals your wounds both of a physical and spiritual nature. You find yourself able to appreciate and love others even deeper with the understanding that even if someone hurts you, it is not the end of the world. You are the one with the power to forgive them and still live your life a lot wiser and happier.
So live to forgive but be wise as we love. For forgiveness is the corridor that opens where our heart’s meet when we let others in and they may fall on the wayside.

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One Response to Changing The Mindset’s Weekly Blog: Changing The Heart – Where Our Hearts Meet

  1. Alfreda Johnson says:

    Excellent! You are absolutely right with regards to the benefits of forgiveness and the capacity to exercise forbearance, that is, the ability to not seek revenge.

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